Hey Everyone…

I’ve moved my blog to a new home and I’ve made this change for a few reasons:

1) The free version of WordPress that I was using (the page you are seeing here), didn’t allow for Plug-in’s, which makes life a little easier in the blogging world;

2) Because of all my readers (thank you very much), I’m growing at a very quick pace and needed more space;

3) I wanted the ability to be able to advertise (i.e. businesses, bloggers, etc.)

Thus the move. This will be the last time I move. I promise.

You are more than welcome to go to my new site at:

Nothing has changed and the format basically looks the same. It just looks different to me behind the scenes.

I was able to migrate all of my old posts over to the new blog, so you are able to view the archives without interruption.

However, I was not able to migrate subscribers/followers to the new blog. I’ve since opened a ticket with WordPress to see that this happens.  If you’d like to migrate yourself (please do) before WordPress gets around to doing this, just click on the link that I provided above and enter in your email address on the top right portion of the page. Easy peasy!

If you have any questions or want me to send you an invitation to the new blog, just leave your email address in the comments below and I’ll make sure to get that over to you!


There’s a Fungus Among Us

So, um, yeah…this was growing in the yard:

It’s a little creepy, yet cool at the same time, so naturally, I had to take a photograph. Or two. Or four. By the way, you can click on the photos for a larger view. I think. Yes, you can. I just tried it.

I put a measuring tape up next to it and it was approximately 12″ long. I guess that makes this truly a fungi (fun guy). Get it? You know I just had to insert a stupid mushroom joke in here somewhere.

Moving on…

I was actually leery to touch it, thinking my finger might fall off, so I kicked it, but the damn thing wouldn’t budge. Mushrooms are fun to kick, because usually they go flying! Anyway, when my foot hit this one, the fungus felt jiggly and made me shudder.

I dug it up (impressive root system) and took photographs of its’ undercarriage, as you can see above.

I’ve never seen a mushroom grow like this. It was literally one large clump of shrooms huddled together and clinging on for dear life. Have any of you seen this before?

Is this something I should have chopped up, placed in a zip lock bag, and sold it to the local rednecks, advertising it as a, “good time?”

Somebody’s Got To Do It

Did everyone survive Thanksgiving? How about Black Friday?

My cat, Jasper, is trying to recover:

Jasper Cat upside down

That’s how he rolls (on his back)

He’s a glutton like that! He didn’t have any turkey, because it’s bad for him, but he called me into a meeting this morning. He said that I wasn’t representing the hard lives of the cat population in a proper manner. So here it is, the hard life of a cat. I’m representin’ now, Jasper!

It must be hard to lie upside down in a bed all day long, have your food brought to you, and get loved on constantly. But I guess he has a point, because there is blonde dog hair (thank you Moose and Jacob) that he has to lay upon. I’m sure he’ll be filing a complaint with upper management after the holidays. Little does he know, I’m upper management!

Then again, the cat is always upper-management, which just makes me human resources!

Black Friday

I’m amazed that Black Friday actually began on Thanksgiving evening, but there’s no stopping the crazies.

Here in Pea Pickin’ Town, Texas, rednecks started lining up last week outside of their home away from home: Wal-Mart. This is the second most important annual event (the first annual event is deer season) that will bring rednecks out from under the rocks (Yes, “rocks” is plural because some rednecks have more than one rock).

They could be seen pitchin’ their tents:

redneck tent

This is how redneck’s roll!

Reclining in their redneck recliner’s:

redneck recliner

He brought this from his living room, y’all. Promise!

And firing up the grill for hot dog’s:

cooking hot dogs on a grill

Gourmet food for Rednecks!

When “Black Friday” actually begins, you’ll see these same rednecks taking down the tents they pitched earlier in the week and actually pitchin’ fits as they fight their way to the camouflage in the sporting goods section of Wal-Mart.

Word of advice: Never — ever — get in the way of a redneck on a camouflage shopping spree. If you do, chances are you’ll walk away dazed and confused, limping, and crying for your mommy.

Rednecks 1; Average Joe 0

Random Acts of Kindness

So, this was an awesome surprise today!

I was notified that an online newspaper called, Random Acts of Kindness Around Twitter had posted one of my blog posts on the front page of their site.

(UPDATE: This site rotates articles every 24 hours. Mine can now be viewed in the archives on November 22, 2012.)

I don’t know who is behind the site or who provided my post, but I’d absolutely love to shake their hand and thank them!

Here is the link: Random Acts of Kindness Around Twitter

Please visit their page and subscribe!

It’s an awesome feeling that more and more people are doing Random Acts of Kindness. We definitely need it, that’s for sure!

I’m thinking about doing a special section on this blog for such things, hoping that readers like you will get behind it and participate.  Who’s with me?  Leave a comment and let me know. Also, if you have any ideas, let me know that too!

OR…if you have a story to tell, let me know so we can talk about you doing a guest post! I’d really like to see this grow wings and take off!