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I’m taking a break from posting chapters from book, titled, “Wherever You Go.”  After a discussion with someone who is the most important person in my life, we both came to the conclusion that it might not be a good idea to “publish” the whole book on my blog.  I mean, one day I’d like to see it on the shelf of your [Insert local bookstore here].  I’d like for you to plop your hard earned money down for your very own copy so that you can display prominently in your library, or prop your wobbly coffee table up with it. Whatever.

The point is, if I publish it here, who’d buy it?  They’d just say, “Hey, you can read it on the blog for free.”  That last statement is a moot point, because, really…I wasn’t getting any readers anyway and in fact, nobody will probably will read the following post, but it’s worth a shot.

Anywho…I don’t know if anyone has every heard of a magazine called, “Country.”  Under the title, it states, “The Land and Life We Love.”  It’s a family-oriented, wholesome magazine.  It contains wonderful photography of places you and I will never visit, because you’ll only relish in the idea while looking at the glorious photos while on the toilet, like I do.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the magazine.  So much, in fact, that I sent in a short (but very true) story about my yellow lab, Moose, locking me out of my house in New Hampshire.  Wearing shorts.  After an 18″ snowfall.  It was cold.  VERY COLD.  Come to think of it, maybe my response to the situation at the time wasn’t family-oriented nor wholesome.  I’m not resentful at all…not at Moose nor Country magazine for not even responding to my query.  Their loss really.

Well, in the latest issue (August/September 2012), I saw this ad:

magazine shoe advertisement country

I have seen the ad in previous issues, so this isn’t the only instance, BUT it is the first instance in which I contemplated said advertisement.  Maybe the company was just getting creative to see if readers actually read the ad.  It worked for me, because I honestly thought to myself (before I flushed the toilet), “What do shoes and energy drinks have to do with low sperm count?” or “increasing male enhancement or sperm count?”  Anyway, interesting logo (on the shoe — see it?) and way to go on getting me to read the entire ad, proving this it is, in fact, advertisement for SHOES!  Read for yourselves if you don’t believe me.  I mean, REALLY?  Who wants a sperm logo on their feet?  That right there will make you the topic of conversation…and probably not in a good way.


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