Jacob Marley

Here I am, attempting to be a better blogger.  I will attempt to NOT fail and post 3 to 4 times per week, if not more.  Please, no drum rolls.  I cannot handle the distraction.

Here we go.  Meet Jake!

yellow labrador jacob marley

His full name is Jacob Marley.  Don’t judge.  Everyone in the south (even animals) are called and answer by their full names.  It’s a redneck thing to include someone’s first and middle name in a conversation.  It’s normal.  It’s called, “Speaking Southanese.”  For example: “Dadgummit Bobbie Sue, you nearabout burned them thar fried green maters,” or “Dagnabbit, Sissy Sue, skedaddle on outta here and let me cook these maters rightly so.”

What if Sue isn’t the same middle name reflected on thy birth certificate?  Doesn’t matter.  It is now, so you just have to deal with it.  Just ask my Dad who gives everyone the middle name, “Sue,” even male critters.  I had a male cat that I named, “Nermal.”  Dad called him, “Nermie Sue.”  Just for added benefit, my dad thinks my middle name is “Sue Lou,” even though my birth certificate says otherwise.  Enough said.

Anyway, Jacob Sue Marley (aka Doodle Bug — are you confused now? Good!) was named after the dog in the book, “Marley & Me” because of his penchant for ripping out the stuffing of all the other dog’s babies (stuffed animals) and other badly behaved things that puppies do.  Actually his bad behavior didn’t last long…less than 48 hours.  I think he was just so excited to finally found a home where he can lie in a bed.  With his head on a pillow.  Upside down if he wants to (even though it’s not pictured here) and blow farts stinky enough to make my eyes water and consider calling a Hazmat Crew.  Anyway, Marley stuck and so it was.

Then I realized (being the Literature Goddess Grad that I am) that Jacob Marley was the name of a famous character in a famous book, written by a famous author.  Can you name those three things without using Google?  I’ll know if you cheat,so stop it right now!  Not really.  How can I possibly know if you cheat?  Unfortunately, I offer no incentives to the winner because I have no incentives in my possession (I checked my pockets just to make sure).

Other important stuff to note:

Don’t forget to come see my interview with an award winning author on September 15th.  I’ve been reading the book and it is a page turner, fo sho!  Usually, I’d be done reading it by now, but I’ve been side-tracked doing other things.  I’ll be finishing it in the next few days!

Also, it seems I have conned two authors to guest blog, but I’m still looking for more!  Post a comment if you’re interested!  Even if you’ve never blogged before.  Hop on here and give it a whirl! (hint, hint, Miss V)  [Sidenote:  Miss V told me that she couldn’t write and my BS meter went off the charts.  She has some hilarious stories that I wish she would post!]

Also, also, if you haven’t done so already, please join my blog and become a member.  It’s free and pain-free, I promise.  Can’t say that about the government or the economy!


2 thoughts on “Jacob Marley

  1. williamkendall1

    Awww, Jacob Marley is a cutie! Well, this one… the literary version is something ghastly indeed. I’ve been thinking of that literary one lately; I’m planning on parodying that for a series of Christmas blogs with the Canadian Prime Minister taking the Scrooge role…

    I don’t have a middle name. I guess I’d be out of place in the Deep South.

    1. GK Adams Post author

      Jacob Marley is a good pup. He’s one lucky stray that found a good home.

      I can give you a middle name and make you an honorary Southerner.


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