Running in the Dark

Okay, my friend and I are back running at the same park as before.  See “Runs with Raccoon” post previously posted yesterday.

It was getting quite dark outside.  We hadn’t quite adjusted our run times to the change of the season, so we got caught back on the trails as the sun was disappearing past the horizon.  As we were nearing the end of the trail, I could see up ahead that it was still somewhat light, but because we were under a canopy of trees, it made it seem darker than it was.  Looking at the end of the trail was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Picture it?  Good.

Anyway, I heard rustling (again) and here’s what happened:

Me:  (stopping on the trail)  Did you hear that?

Friend:  (grabbing my arm)  Don’t start that shit again.

Me:  No, I’m serious.  Did you hear that?

Friend:  I’m serious too!

The rustling stops and my friend convinced me that we should continue walking; however, I keep looking over my shoulder expecting a bear to run up behind us.  Hey, I like to be prepared.  Then, whatever it was made a louder rustling noise and I jumped back nearly knocking over my friend.  My reaction scared her enough that she jumped on my back and wrapped her arms around my head.  I couldn’t see a damn thing, so what did I do?  I ran like a bat out of hell.  Eventually, my friend fell off and beat me to the parking lot, with her “faster than a Ferrari” self.

Even though I couldn’t tell what was making the noise, I figured it was probably a squirrel foraging for acorns. But when you are in the dark, even the tiniest of squirrels can sound like a bear.  I’m telling ya, that thing sounded vicious.

Meanwhile, back at the parking lot, my friend said to me before she shut her car door:  “I’m not running with you anymore!”  SLAM.  Starts the car.

Well, she went running with me again.  She must have been a glutton for punishment.

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