I need your help, Dear Readers…

I’d like to try something that will not only benefit me, but also you, Dear Readers.  A lot of us have blogs, facebook fan pages, twitter, and whatever social media application we can get our grimy hands on.

Here’s the thing:  I’m looking to build my readership here, as you’d all probably like to do too.  Eventually, I’d like to attract advertiser’s and whatnot.

So, if you bring 5 readers (who become members) to this blog, I will advertise your website/blog on this blog as well as my facebook fan page and twitter for one month.  Heck, I’ll advertise whatever you want me to advertise…even your book!

Here’s the catch and it’s not really a “catch.”  The members who sign up, need to mention that you sent them here.  After all, I won’t know it’s you I need to advertise if you aren’t mentioned.  Just have them leave a comment in this post after they sign up.  Or. they can leave me a comment on my facebook fan page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/GK-Adams/226884280688917

I’m sorry it’s not really a monetary giveaway or something similar, but if I could pay you off, I would.  Eventually, that will be the case (maybe not bribing you with money, but bribing you with something tangible).

So for now, help me get the ball rolling!

I appreciate y’all!

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