Guest Blogger: Deb Claxton, Humor Writer

humor writer author deb claxtonHey folks!  We have a very special guest today.  It’s humor writer, Deb Claxton!  Y’all have to check out her blog!  I’ve added a special link to it on the side bar.  It’s called, “Think Outside the Blog.”  Or if you are lazy like me, then just click on this link:

Make it one of your favorites!  It’s one of mine!

Deb is a humor writer, author, and former newspaper reporter. She wrote a popular weekly humor column called, “98% Fat Free – The Lite Side.”  She received several requests to publish her humor columns and, “It Ain’t Heavy – It’s the Lite Side” was born.  Her book takes a humorous look at zombies, the Mayan calendar, movies, music, family life, holidays, and much more. Also, be on the lookout for her contribution in a new collection of humorous medical themed stories in, “My Funny Major Medical.”

book cover

You can get your very own copy at Amazon:

Go get a copy today and please welcome Deb Claxton.  I swear she must be related to Erma Bombeck!


Show Me The Funny

I would like to thank Gina for letting me take over her blog (I promise to untie her after I push the Publish Live button).
I debated about what to write. Finally I narrowed it down to the two things I really love, writing humor and eating donuts.  After several sleepless nights I finally decided on humor. What makes me an expert on humor? I’ll have you know I graduated from the Ma and Pa Kettle Comedy Correspondence Course. All right, I got a C but that’s still a passing grade.
Like a lot of baby boomers I grew up reading the humor columns of Erma Bombeck who greatly inspired me. I wanted to find an ineffectual husband, move to the suburbs, and have three irritating children but when that dream didn’t work out I decided to write humor instead.
I’ve been writing humor for years. I wrote humor columns for my high school and college newspapers. I wrote freelance humor for daily newspapers, plus I had my own weekly humor column for three years. In all that time I made diddly squat. I’m here to tell you that there’s no money in humor writing. People love to laugh but apparently they don’t want to pay for that privilege.
Yes, there are a lot of online websites and e-zines that are happy to accept your humor but the only payment they offer is the glory of getting your work published. It’s nice to get free publicity but glory won’t pay for the groceries. I know because I tired and they called security.
In the writing world, Fiction is the prodigal son who gets to sleep in the guest bedroom with the in-suite bathroom complete with monogrammed towels and fancy scented soap. Humor is the poor relation that has to sleep on a cot in the basement next to the furnace.
Humor writing doesn’t get any respect. People are always asking me, “Diane, when are you going to write something serious and meaningful?” To which I reply, “Dude, I already told you my name is Deb!”
Yes I could give up humor and write Gandhi fan fiction but I don’t want to. I love writing humor and trying to make people laugh.
I’m sure people have questions about humor writing so I will attempt to answer them:
Which came first – the humor writer or the egg?
Geneticists have made amazing strides at unlocking the mysteries of DNA, but as far as I know they haven’t located a humor gene. If there were such a thing, Melissa Rivers would be a lot funnier. I believe humor writers are shaped by their environment, which usually includes some type of adversity. If your life is perfect, what do you have to make fun of?
I personally have suffered my own share of adversity. I’m six feet tall and I wear a size 12 shoe. Do you know how hard it is to find stylish attractive shoes when you have big feet? I’m tired of shopping at the Ringling Brother’s Clown Store!
To prove my assertion that humor writers are shaped by their environment, look at my son. He wasn’t born funny. As a baby all he did was cry and poop in his diaper. There’s nothing funny about that. But now that he’s a young man he has a great sense of humor which was shaped by the adversity of having me for his mother.
Can anyone write humor?
No I do not believe Piers Morgan could ever write anything funny. Humor writing is harder than it looks. The following song illustrates just how hard it is to be a humor writer:
     “You know it’s hard out there for a humor writer
      When he tryin’ to get the money for the rent
      For the Cadillac and gas money that he spent
      Because a whole lot of bitches talking S—t!”
Actually those are the lyrics to “Its Hard Out There For A Pimp” but I think it’s apropos.
What makes a good humor writer?
Take a lot of self-depreciation; add some absurdity, irreverence, and cynicism. Stir together; place on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake in a 350-degree oven for 30 minutes. Allow it to cool before eating.
Well I hope you learned something today. I know I didn’t.
I may not be rich or famous but that won’t stop me from writing humor. I’ll be laughing all the way to the Poor House.

Thank you for guest blogging today, Deb. It saved me from a lot of work! Whew! You are welcome back anytime. Mi casa es su casa.

Also readers, you’ll definitely want to return for the month of October. I have several authors and bloggers that will be sharing their own personal ghostly experiences, including Deb. She’ll be back on October 29th, where she will be posting a Humorous (what else?) Ghost Post!

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

6 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Deb Claxton, Humor Writer

  1. Deb

    Thanks again Gina for the opportunity to guest blog. I need to clarify that My Funny Major Medical is a new collection of humorous stories with a medical theme and I’m only one of the many funny writers who contributed to the book.

    1. williamkendall1

      Perhaps poor cousin Humor has to sneak up into the bedroom of the prodigal son Fiction and… do him in. Rub him out. Make him sleep with the fish. Have him congressionally investigated. Whichever one, but it must look like an accident. Good post, Deb!


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