Fashion “Sense?”

belt suspenders fashion

Yes, this is my dad showing off his fashion sense. Maybe it should be “fashion scents,” because this outfit stinks to high heaven. Notice his usage of not one, but TWO belts, because apparently, suspenders weren’t enough.

ME:  (staring at him with absolute horror on my face):  Dad?

Dad:  (Looking down at his feet and back up to me):  What?

Me:  (Shaking my head and pointing):  Really?

Dad:  What?

This is a daily occurrence, but he’s usually wearing loafers.  From the 1970’s.  AND he sees absolutely nothing wrong with this.  In fact, he looks rather proud that I asked if I could take his picture.

6 thoughts on “Fashion “Sense?”

  1. jessmittens

    hahaha, I love the outfit.
    I sincerely hope that he doesn’t suddenly, desperately need to go to the bathroom with the two belts and suspenders.

    My dad wears ratty tank tops / singlets with beer slogans on them, track pants, crocs, and then really expensive, high fashion seeing glasses. It’s baffling.

    1. GK Adams Post author

      Ah, yes. My dad has a pair of camouflage crocs that he says are the ugliest shoes ever created. He refuses to wear them. Funny thing is: those crocs are the best looking shoes he owns.

      Does your dad’s reading glasses have that string that holds them around his neck? Thank goodness my dad had to wear glasses full-time, but he does have those croakies (the band that goes around his head so the glasses stay where they are supposed to stay…on his nose). The croakie is camouflage too.

      I’m thinking that if my dad would wear camouflage all the time, he’d blend in with his surroundings and not be so embarrassing.


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