Pet Peeves…

Yes, I have pet peeves.  Don’t we all?

I am a self-diagnosed Grammar Nazi.  Admitting it is the first step to recovery.  The way the current generation is ignoring common rules of the English language is frightening, but I’m afraid their they’re there is no hope.  Am I alone?

Peanuts Gang Snoopy Charlie Brown

They're there their

Sometimes, I think I am alone, but I’m a firm believer that commas save lives!


Or, at least they can make things more fun:


My latest pet peeve, however, is when people say, “I digress.”  Specifically, I have seen it used in blogs on too many occasions.  I hate it.  It causes me to pitch a redneck fit.  I don’t know why.  It’s a common term and well-suited when someone wants to imply that they are rambling or diverting from the original intended discussion. But, seriously?  Can’t they use another term?

Lately, I’m in the habit of locating blogs and guilty of the occasional drive-by.  Sometimes I stop and read more than one post.  I have commented on a few and there are a few I have bookmarked, but once I see, “I digress,” I throw my head back and sigh.  Then, I’m outta there!  GONE!  Not that anyone really cares, but still:

digressI guess it was all that repetition from the 50 Shades of Gray Trilogy still lingering.

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