Upcoming October Event!

pumpkin graveyard

October 1st will be here tomorrow and with it comes Guest Bloggers for the entire month. This will truly be an exciting event.  At least it will be for me.  I hope it will be for everyone else too.

Some of these Guest Bloggers are published authors, aspiring authors, or others that just want to share their experience.  They come from all over and will bring one of the following:

1.  Their personal experiences with ghosts (some very real and some humorous);

2.  Short Stories;

3.  Excerpts from books (theirs or others); and,

4.  Poetry

Ok, maybe not poetry, but I will be opening tomorrow with a poem from William Shakespeare.  So, there’s that.  But all posts will have a Halloween-ish theme.

Within their posts, links will be provided to the Guest Bloggers Facebook fan page, blog, and sites where you can purchase their books (if they are published).

Please visit their links!

I’d to thank all of those who are participating and not just the bloggers, but the readers too!

Please follow my blog and prepare to join the fun!

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