For Sale

Amityville Haunted House

Janet and her daughter Trish were trying to locate a home they wanted to purchase.  Janet called a realtor (Karen) about a house in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas and told her she wanted to see the house.  Janet said that Karen was really hesitant about going there and told my friend that she had another appointment. Karen (the realtor) told Janet that the house should be unlocked and she was welcome to go on in and look it over.  If Janet was still interested after viewing the house, she asked that Janet call her back and they would meet to discuss the house.

When Janet and her daughter Trish arrived, the house was locked up tight as a drum and there was no way in.  They walked around the house and found a window that was unlocked.  It appeared to be a window in a formal dining room area.  They both worked at opening the window and Janet pushed Trish through and then lifted herself up and over the window sill.  They walked into the house and as they were in the dining room they felt as though someone was watching them.  Trish asked her mother, “Mom…do you feel like someone is watching us?”  Janet replied, “Yes, but it’s probably our imagination.”

Janet and Trish walked over to the entry area and could see a large staircase.  It was enormous, but beautiful.  They both decided to view the lower level before climbing the stairs and as they entered the living room area with their backs to the staircase, they heard someone walking down the stairs.  They both thought maybe Karen had shown up and when they turned to greet her, nobody was there.  The sound of someone descending was loud and seemed to be coming closer, but still, nobody was there. Trish started to tremble and held onto her mother, but Janet kept trying to make sense of the whole thing.  Janet swallowed hard and asked Trish if she had seen enough of the house.  They were both terrified and agreed that they wanted out of there.

Janet and Trish got out of that house by the same window they came through because they didn’t want to even get near that front door.  Both of them ran to the car and were panting so hard that they couldn’t even talk.

When they arrived back home, Janet called Karen because she wanted to know about the house after she told her about their experience there.  Karen finally confessed to Janet that she had also been terrified of going into the house and didn’t want to step foot in there ever again.  She told Janet that there had been a murder in that house about 10 years prior and that no one was able to stay in that house because everyone hears or sees something.  Janet and Trish didn’t “see” anything but they sure heard it.  Whatever “it” was.


True story, y’all and thank you to my aunt for sharing her experience.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?  Leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “For Sale

    1. GK Adams Post author

      Maybe the stories will make you poop your underpants and then you can blog about it. LOL! And for other readers reading this, please click on Becky’s link on the lower right-panel so you can read her blog, “Stories About My Underpants!” And of course, her other “sordid tales!” You won’t regret it!


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