The Disappearance of Sarah Jane

Ghostly image little girlI went to spend the summer with my grandmother in 1955.  Nothing good was happening at home and my mother and father thought I could use a change of scenery.  I had been having nightmares every night about a little girl coming to visit me.  This little girl was covered in blood and would cry and she would ask me to help her find her Mommy.”  I didn’t know who she was and I felt bad for her and I really wanted to help, but I was just a child myself.  In the morning when I went into the kitchen, I asked my mother to help us find the little girls’ Mommy.  My own mother would laugh and tell me that I was just dreaming and that the child was not real.  But to me, she was real.

When I went to visit my grandmother that day, I mentioned to her about this little girls’ visits.  My grandmother sat me down and told me that I have been as blessed like her.  By being “blessed,” we were able to see and talk with the dead.  She told me that my mother was NOT blessed and would never understand what we could see and hear.  My grandmother said that we would call out to the child and see what we could find out and try to help her.

That night my grandmother sat us both down at the dining room table.  It was just the two of us.  She had something like a crystal ball and some cards.  She would chant and call out to this child.  Finally the child appeared.  My grandmother could see her and was able to talk to her and get some information from this child.

My grandmother found out the child’s name was Sarah Jane Denton and she had been murdered and was buried in the basement of the house where my parents and I lived.

Sarah Jane’s mother had moved and she said that she couldn’t find her Mommy anymore to let her know that she was still there where she left her.

The next morning my grandmother did some research at the local library (with me in tow) and found out where the mother lived and read about the disappearance of the child.  The police were notified by my grandmother and Sarah Jane’s body was dug up.  The stepfather confessed to murdering Sarah Jane and that he had molested her and buried her body in the basement.

Now Sarah Jane is resting in peace.  May God rest her soul.


Guest blogger, Sylvia Adams is the mother of the most wonderful child, best blog host, and writer in the world….ME!

My mom is very creative.  In the beginning, when I told her about the project, she said, “I wish I had a ghost story to tell.”

A week later, she asked me how the guest blog reservations were going when I was scheduling writers for this blog event.  I had mentioned that I had 5 more spaces left to fill and was unsure if I could fill up the entire month.  The next thing I know, I had 5 short stories in my inbox.  Seriously.  In, like, less than 30 minutes.  I’m amazed that someone can write stories just out of thin air in record time.  Pretty awesome!  Thanks, Mom!

3 thoughts on “The Disappearance of Sarah Jane

  1. Nicki Mann

    Wow, that is cool! But how did the police take it when they were approached with the information about where the little girl’s body was? Did they take it seriously?

    1. GK Adams Post author

      I don’t know how to break this to you, but this story was the product of my mother’s imagination. Some stories on here are real and some are not. Some will be humorous, and other’s serious. But, I appreciate you stopping by. Hope you stay on board!


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