Civil War Slave

shackles handcuffs

My grandfather Luke was a hardworking farmer and his wife Nettie would work right along beside him.  But on this particular day my grandmother Nettie and her sister Ella were out picking blackberries for a pie for dinner that night.  Around noon my grandfather Luke took a break from working in the fields and came home to grab a bite of lunch, which my grandmother Nettie had already prepared for him.

After finishing his lunch, he was just relaxing at the table and all of a sudden, he could hear someone coming down the stairs.  He could also hear some chains rattling.  He was tired and couldn’t understand why Nettie was pulling a joke on him.  He was not in the mood but decided to turn around and see if Nettie was hiding under a sheet.  The sound of someone decending the stairs was still there and when he turned around, he saw an apparition coming down the stairs.  There were shackles hanging from the slaves hands and he was dragging the chains that were on his feet.

Luke jumped up from the table and went outside.  He wasn’t about to stay in the house all by himself.  He didn’t know where Nettie and Ella had gone but decided to stay outside until they returned.

When Nettie and Ella came laughing up the trail from the back field holding the berry basket, he was excited to see them.  As grandfather Luke ran toward them it sort of startled them.  They wanted to know what the problem was and he couldn’t get it out fast enough about what he saw.  He grabbed them and told them to come see for themselves.  All three went into the house and, of course, there wasn’t anything there.  No sounds and no ghosts.

Later than evening grandfather Luke and grandmother Nettie decided they would climb the stairs and see if there was anything really up there.  When they went into the attic they located some slave shackles laying on the floor boards.  There weren’t any ghosts but those shackles were telling a story all of their own.


This is another story from my aunt and this experience is a true one that happened to her grandfather.

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