Ghost of My Cat, Nermal

It’s your blog host here with a post about my cat.

I had a cat named Nermal that I rescued when he was a few days old.  I didn’t think he would survive into adulthood, but after bottle feeding him and being his “mother,” he lived.  I had him 20 years.  In the last year of his life, he developed hyperthyroidism and a few of the side effects are deafness, weight loss (even though he was constantly eating) and a meow that is hard to describe.  It’s very loud and pitiful sounding, almost like he was howling.  Since he was so old, I decided not to get him treated.  The radiation treatment alone would have done him under.  So, for a year he howled.  And howled!  AND HOWLED!  Here is a picture:

Orange Tabby Cat

During the night, he’d wander the hallways and the rest of the house, howling at the top of his lungs.  In my sleepy stupor, I’d always holler, “Be quiet Nermal!”  Of course, since he was deaf, it didn’t work, so I would hunt him down and bring him back to bed, only to have him lie there for about 20 minutes before starting his wandering and howling all over again.  Those were very long nights.

Anyway, I wound up having to have him put to sleep this past July because he was virtually wasting away to nothing (his weight loss was worse because of the hyperthyroidism) and he was developing paralysis in his rear legs, making him too wobbly to walk.  It was a humane choice, but it was very hard to let him go and I knew I would miss the little turd.  He was brought home and buried that afternoon.

That night, while sleeping, I heard him howling up and down the hall.  In my sleepy stupor again, I yelled out, “Be quiet, Nermal!”  Of course, he wasn’t there.

The next morning, I was in the process of officially waking up (I’m not a morning person, so this is literally a process for me), I was yawning and rubbing my eyes and just laid there staring at the ceiling, thinking that coffee sounded really good.

That was when I heard him, yet again.  Meowing up and down the hallway, like he’d always done. I still hear him occasionally, but the days of silence are growing steadily.  I think he probably found my golden retriever, Tillie, (who died a few years ago) in heaven and she’s probably telling him to keep his mouth shut!

It does make me feel better that he’s still around, even if it’s not as frequent.

10 thoughts on “Ghost of My Cat, Nermal

  1. Ron Fischman

    Your cat is the twin of my cat Carmel! First off, they were identical golden longhair tabbies, so when you look at Nermal’s pic, you can see Carmel as well. I adopted Carmel from the street when he was a year old, and he was a loyal friend (and Town Watch Cat – he went with me on my rounds like a golden retriever!) for nineteen more years. When he was fifteen, he got pancreatic cancer. We used steroids and prayer. The cancer died of old age when he was 18, but left him with hyperthyroidism. Same symptoms, same pathetic voice. He died in his sleep at 20. They reunited their souls in heaven, where Carmel was waiting for Nermal to rejoin him!

  2. K.R. Morrison

    Sammy still lives. She has hyperthyroidism, which is (barely) taken care of by her meds. At 18 years old, I know nothing can be done for her except meds. I didn’t realize that howling was part-and-parcel of the symptoms…interesting. We have to keep her in a 4′ by 4′ pen now, except when she goes outside; there isn’t a carpet or piece of furniture she hasn’t “showered”, so this is the only thing we can do. Since she’s been kept in “the slammer”, she no longer howls. And she decides when she wants back in the house. Days are spent sleeping on the warm patio. I’ll miss her when she goes, but we have Dusty the Miniature Elephant (Maine coon) who will be around for many years still.

    1. GK Adams Post author

      There are a variety of symptoms of hyperthyroidism, and while it can be treated, it sure does take a toll on the body. My other cat, Jasper, doesn’t miss Nermal’s howling and looks like he’s saying, “Ahhh! Peace and quiet!”

  3. wellspring0fgodslove

    We have a “Kitty” which came back after her death and she stays with us still!
    It is such a joy to have her here and we “see” her from time to time. She is even strong enough to pounce on our bed or make stepping sounds around us. My daughter recently felt a furry bump against her leg! I laughed and told my girls, “You know she is using our energy to make these things happen!” And, none of us care. We welcome her always.

  4. greetingsfromcoupeville

    I think the longer periods of silence are due to Nermal lying in wait for the perfect moment to pounce on your face while you’re asleep. I’m a tad psychic and I see him nesting under your bed, but just every other night. I’m a bit hazy as to when every other night started, so I would highly recommend checking under the bed before drifting off. You really didn’t think Tillie was going to be able to keep him in line, did you? Michaelene

    1. GK Adams Post author

      Revenge is sweet, isn’t it? At least it is to Nermal. Glad to know you are psychic…or did you mean psychotic? Either way, thanks for stopping by.

  5. Stephanie Karfelt

    Okay and what freaks me out just a bit is that I had a talking cat named Norman. Mostly all he ever did was gripe at me. “Let me out, oouuuut!” “In! Innnn!” and “home”. Like ET he talked about “Hooooome” often.

    1. GK Adams Post author

      Maybe it’s something to do with the fact of cats with names that start with the letter, “N,” You might be on to something.


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