Jody and Elam

Train tracksLittle Jody Parker really didn’t have any friends and wanted someone to play with him, but being an only child and living in the country, friends were hard to find.  He would spend hours down by the railroad tracks playing and when a train would come by the engineers would wave at Jody.  The engineers had seen him playing by the railroad tracks every day for nearly a year, especially when the weather was nice.  These engineers were Jody’s new friends and he was so excited when he would hear the approaching train.

One day, as Jody was playing and waiting for the train to come by, a lone man walked up to him.  Jody was curious.  The man knelt down so that they were almost eye to eye because he didn’t want to scare the boy.  As they started talking, Jody learned that the man’s name was Elam.

Jody finally got comfortable with Elam and they started having a good time together.  They would run and chase each other.  Jody would laugh and squeal at the top of his lungs.   However, Jody knew something was wrong with Elam, but being so young he wasn’t sure what it was.  Even though Elam was tall, he acted like he was Jody’s age.  But it didn’t bother Jody.  He was so happy to finally have a friend.

Several times while playing, Jody would notice how strong Elam was.  Elam didn’t know his own strength and Jody would fall down and get hurt.  Jody was so happy having a new friend that he didn’t cry when he fell down.  He was a big boy and big boys didn’t cry.  He would jump up, dust himself off and continue with playing with his new friend.

When Elam went back to chasing Jody, he accidentally fell on top of Jody and Jody hit his head on a large rock.  Elam tried to wake Jody up, but it didn’t work.  Elam was scared and didn’t know what to do.  Elam picked up Jody’s limp body and took it away from the railroad tracks and into the woods.  The train was coming and Elam didn’t want these men to see that Jody was hurt.

Elam finally realized that Jody was dead and there wasn’t anything that he could do to help him.  He found a culvert near the tracks and placed Jody inside to protect his body from the weather.  Elam walked away not knowing who he could tell.  It was an accident.  Surely the police would know that.

Days went by without the parents finding Jody’s body.  Finally the police dogs were brought in and Jody’s body was located.  But strangely, when Jody’s body was found, there was also the body of a grown man lying next to Jody.  No one knew who the man was or why he was there or what happened.

To this day no one knows what happened to Jody and the man.  There were times the engineers reported seeing Jody walking next to the railroad tracks and with him is a man holding hands with Jody.  Then they would both disappear.


This story is from the creative mind of my Mother!  Please leave a comment!

9 thoughts on “Jody and Elam

    1. GK Adams Post author

      As mean as I was growing up, I was probably encouraged to play ON the RR tracks. j/k. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. sylviaadams1946

      My sister and I used to tell each other ghost stories when we were in bed at night. We would be so scared that we would end up under the covers scaried out of our wits.

    1. GK Adams Post author

      It amazed me that she is able to come up with a story in mere minutes. I wish it were that easy for me.

    2. sylviaadams1946

      I just have a “weird” mind and thought up about 5 stories for Gina to help fill the month of October. I just completed a few more in case someone doesn’t send in their stories for her.


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