The Exorcist

Linda Blair

When the movie The Exorcist first came out it was so scary that the movie had to be re-edited because too many people were being scared and there were reports of older people having heart attacks.  My husband Frank and I went to see the movie before it was edited, knowing it would be scary, but we were young adults and thought we could handle it.

We were kind of shook up after seeing the movie and all we could do was talk about it all the way home.  It scared us more than any other movie that we had ever seen.

Once home, my husband decided to take a shower.  I already showered before going to the movie so I just slipped into my gown, cleaned my face, brushed my teeth and crawled into bed.  While trying to doze off I heard:

Husband: “What?”  

Me:  I didn’t say anything.  

Again I tried to go to sleep, but I heard the shower curtain being pulled to the side of the tub.

Husband: What did you say?

Me:  I didn’t say anything.  Hurry up and get out of the shower.

A few minutes later:

Husband:  I know you said something, so just tell me what you said.

Me:  I am totally serious.  I didn’t say anything.

Next thing I heard was the shower curtain being yanked to the side of the tub and my husband ran into the bedroom huffing and puffing.

Me:  What is your problem?

Husband:  Someone or something said something to me in that shower and I am not sticking around to find out who or what it was.


True story, y’all and proof that my Dad is a big chicken (deep down).  Thank you to my mother for helping out, yet again, for my Eerie Tales in October.

7 thoughts on “The Exorcist

    1. GK Adams Post author

      I don’t think I would have lasted in the shower. I’d be going to bed with shampoo still in my hair!

  1. UCW (@betwriter)

    Hooray for October! I LOVE ghost stories! That being said, I didn’t know there was a previous, unedited version of The Exorcist. Would love to see it in all it’s glory, I expect it can be rented or purchased…?

    1. GK Adams Post author

      I think it’s now referred to as, “The Director’s Cut,” but I’m not sure. The first version might have been cut and left on the editing room floor.


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