A Telling Dream

This is a true story, but names have been changed to protect privacy.

Ghostly HallNicole and Eric had been friends since high school, but as they both grew into their adult lives, their paths changed and they didn’t keep in touch like they used to.  All night phone calls as teenagers no longer occurred as they both fell into relationships with other people and each had a child. Their contact became less frequent. One day, Eric reached out to Nicole to invite her to his wedding and she enthusiastically replied, “Yes!”

At the wedding, Nicole met Eric’s fiancé/wife for the first time and when they shook hands, Nicole grew uneasy, as a feeling of intense sorrow for Eric took over. It was nothing his fiancé/wife said or did, but Nicole was glad when the introduction was over.  Nicole watched as the happy bride and groom took pictures along with Eric’s little girl. With each flash of the photographer’s camera, she saw a ‘flash’ in her head. Those flashes were of Eric’s sad face and she knew that Eric’s new wife Julia would break his heart in some way.

Knowing her intuition was right, but wouldn’t dare bring it up to Eric (did I mention they use to date?), Nicole shrugged off the feeling and thought the hurt feelings would be due to infidelity. But she was terribly wrong. Before Eric got married, Nicole and Eric used to always call each other on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to wish each other well as single parents playing dual roles. Eric had primary custody over his toddler daughter and loved her very much, but Eric’s house grew tense. Julia felt that Eric spoiled his daughter too much and that as his wife, she should always come first, and not the child. (Don’t ask me why she thought she was in competition with a little girl).

Ten months had gone by and Nicole didn’t hear from Eric one Mother’s Day, so she called him up to check on him. Not knowing what was going on in his life, Eric picked up the phone when she called. Nicole, cheerfully exclaimed, “Happy Mother’s Day! I know you’re married and all….” But she couldn’t finish, when he started sobbing. He could barely get out that his daughter died and hung up the phone.

Stunned and shaken, Nicole reached for the phone to call Eric again, but decided against it. Nicole checked the internet to see if there was any news online about his daughter, but she couldn’t find anything. She could not recall the correct spelling of his daughter’s name. She kept typing Nicolette, when her actual name was Nichealette. Had she spelled it correctly, she would’ve found out what happened to Eric’s daughter.

Months went by and Eric called Nicole to see if her family was okay. Hurricane Katrina had just hit the South and he knew that she had a lot of family there.  Her family was okay, but without power, so they changed topics and started talking like the old friends they use to be. When Nicole dared to question Eric about what happened to his daughter, Eric quickly answered that she hit her head at the playground and died, citing it was a freak accident. Blown away by the response, because she was certain his wife was involved somehow, she began to question him if Julia was there at the time. He hesitated, but said yes, and started to get choked up.  So they got off the phone and that marked the first night, she started to have dreams about his daughter.

In the dream, the little girl was running from someone and passed by the hallway stairs. The light was really bright in the hallway and the bathroom. Even in slumber, Nicole couldn’t look in the bathroom, because the light was so magnificent. It grew brighter with each moment as the girl ran into the bathroom. Despair filled the air and Nicole woke up crying, not knowing why.

The dreams happened for weeks. Things started to change when Nicole’s daughter, Kiley who was 3 at the time, started saying that the little girl in her room wanted to play with her, but she didn’t want to. One day Kiley screamed, “I don’t want to play with you!” By the time Nicole ran into the room, Kiley was visibly upset and asked Nicole to tell the little girl to leave. But, of course no one was there. Had it been any other day, before she even spoke to Eric, she would’ve brushed it off as an imaginary friend, but she didn’t. That night, she slept in her daughter’s room, determined to talk to Eric again about his daughter.

After having another dream, about a different person who passed away, and getting confirmation from family members about some things that happened in her dream; she finally found the courage to ask Eric about what happened.  She called him on the phone again, and gave a disclaimer: “I know this sounds weird, so please don’t be mean about this, but I have these dreams.” Side Note: They’re very random about stuff that has already happened (I have another dream/ghost related post coming up about that).

Never seeing Eric’s residence, she proceeded to describe his apartment that she saw in her dream. Eric stayed quiet as she also brought up his daughter. Nicole said, “She was scared and running from someone. Then she disappeared into the bathroom and never came out, but the light in that bathroom and in the hallway was so bright. It was the brightest thing I have ever seen. So, please, just let me ask you again, did your daughter really die outside while playing at the playground?”

Eric took a deep breath and started to cry again. “It was an accident. I was away on a business trip. My wife said that she spanked and choked her for wetting herself while Nichealette was in the tub. She hit her head, and died.”

They both were silent for a very long time. Nicole asked if his daughter had fallen down the stairs or was hurt in the bathroom, but he said that he wasn’t sure what happened because he wasn’t there. Authorities said that his daughter had blunt force trauma to the head and was choked to death. His wife was in jail and they were awaiting trial. Eric continued, “I’ve been struggling with this, because she said it was an accident, and I had to believe her, otherwise, I would have killed her myself.”

More silence.

Nicole then told him about Kiley’s experience. Then he cried again. He asked if he could visit Nicole and her daughter to talk. He had so many questions. At first, there were accusations of finding out what happened to his daughter from his relatives and friends, to which they all confirmed that they had not spoken to Nicole since high school.  After Eric met Kiley, he started to change his mind about there being some kind of conspiracy. He believed the sincerity in her words and saw the annoyance in her face as she talked about the little girl that wouldn’t leave her alone.

Eric spent the night and Nicole prayed that Nichealette would come to Eric in his dream, but they never came to him. Maybe it was because he was too close? Nicole has no idea why she was shown that glimpse in time. It was possibly the last moments of Nichealette’s life.

Eric’s wife was charged with aggravated assault and she admitted to excessive punishment toward the child that led to her death. She’s due out of jail in 2013.  As for Eric and Nicole, they spent more time together, and eventually married, and had another little girl.

There’s still a lot of questions about that dream. Like, why couldn’t Nicole see his wife, Julia, in her dream? Why couldn’t she see what actually happened in the bathroom? Was the light so bright in the bathroom, because that’s where Nichealette died? Or did she fall down the stairs too?

Til ths day, Nicole has dreams about things that have already happened. Those dreams are way more accurate than the dreams she has about the future. Nicole’s uncle once told her, that they all have dreams (on her mom’s side) that can really freak you out, but it’s something they are all accustomed to. When asked about their knowledge of something, they tend to blame their accuracies to a ‘gut feeling’ or a ‘hunch.’ A lot of it deals with precognitive dreams and glimpses of events from the deceased, but why or how it happens? They still don’t know.


Clarice Williams was born and raised in Chicago, IL, C. JoVan Williams has a B.S.B.A. in Managerial Accounting from Trident University, and works as a freelance writer. When she’s not writing articles, she’s writing children’s books, YA cozy mysteries, and middle grade fiction. Mrs. Williams is a USAF military spouse, a mother to three children, a silly daughter, and a sister too many. You can view her contact information below:

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