Oh. My. God.

I’m interrupting our October event for a brief moment, because if I don’t give this a shout out, I just might explode and that would be messy.

So, this happened last week:  I received a tweet alert that Stacey Ballis was now following me on Twitter.  My reaction?  No way!  It can’t be THE Stacey Ballis!  But guess what?  It is.  She’s the author of Off the Menu, Good Enough to Eat, The Spinster Sisters, and Room for Improvement.  And then I peed my pants, because that is truly exciting.

After reading Stacey’s books Off the Menu and Good Enough to Eat (both great by the way!), I’ve been catching up on all things Jen Lancaster (and the books I hadn’t read yet), whom we all know is THE best friend of one Stacey Ballis.  I thought it was all coincidental.   And, it is, of course (me reading their books and the interaction with Stacey — not them being best friends).

Stacey Ballis is an awesome author and her books are simply amazing.  If you haven’t read her blog AND her books, then you need to get on that!  Stat!


Jen Lancaster is the NY Times Best Selling author of all things hilarious and if you haven’t read her blog AND her books, then you need to get on that!  Stat!


So, today, I sent a shout out to Stacey and Jen and said that I was loaded up on their books and it was going to be a great week.  Then I mentioned that I wish I could get them to follow my blog.

Stacey Ballis replied that if I wanted them to follow, then I would need to supply a link.  I peed my pants again and sent the link.

Now here’s the catch.  This is the month of October, where I’m hosting a month long event of Guest Bloggers posting their own ghost posts.  I’m a humor blogger, so the humor isn’t really showing through, because these are supposed to be seriously eerie posts.  READ THE ARCHIVES and make sure you’re here in November when I crank up the funnies again!

I’m 42 years old, but I want to not only be Jen Lancaster or Stacey Ballis when I grow up — I want to be both of them.  I mean who wouldn’t?  These women are awesome.  Together, they are even more awesome.  I want to be that!  Jen and I alone have Ralph Lauren, loafers, and cute sweaters in common.

Anyway, I hope they join my blog and follow.  I hope I can give them as many laughs as they have given me.

I’m gonna go change my pants and then get back to work on my manuscript.

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