April Fools, Right?

This is a True Story:

April 1, 2002 rolled around and as I was stirred awake by the alarm clock, I began to wonder what kind of pranks the guys at work would try to pull on me.  Sometimes, working from home had its advantages.  Okay, it was advantageous all the time, but especially on April Fools Day.

I rolled out of bed to begin my day and with my feet dangling over the side of my bed, I began to rub the sleep from my eyes.  Suddenly, I smelled a familiar aroma.  It was my grandmother’s perfume (White Linen) mixed with another familiar smell of her hand lotion (Jergen’s).  It’s a distinct aroma that I’ve only smelled when being around her.  But that wasn’t possible, because I was living in New Hampshire and she was still in Texas.

Work went on without any glitches and at about 1:00pm, my home phone rang.  It was my dad:

Me:  Hello?
Dad:  Granny died.
Me:  April Fools, right?
Dad:  This is no joke.
Me:  Where’s mom?
Dad: Still at the hospital.
Me:  Okay.  I’ll make arrangements to come home and call y’all later.

I hang up the phone and make the necessary arrangement to fly back home.  By the way, the airlines totally screw you on “emergency flights.”  The only discount I was offered was $50.00 off a flight that was about to cost me over $1000.00 and that’s only if I presented a death certificate.

Me:  How can I present a death certificate if she just died?
Airline:  I don’t know, but we need to have it to give you the discount.

I had no time to argue because I had other arrangements to make (boarding the dogs, etc.).  I would just eat the $50.00 and tell them to shove it up their you-know-whats later.  I was scheduled to depart the next morning at 9:00am.

After dropping off the dogs at the kennel, packing my suitcase, and calling home to speak with mom, I was utterly exhausted and fell into the bed and began snoozing immediately.

I started to dream:

I was standing behind a huge wall of glass.  Looking through, I saw a figure that I recognized as my grandmother.  I banged on the glass and she turned to wave at me.  I didn’t recognize the woman she was standing next to, who was wearing a light blue dress with her hair pulled up into a tight bun.  I waved back and shrugged my shoulder’s and mouthed the words, “What are you doing?”   My grandmother just smiled and turned back around to talk to the lady in the blue dress again. I walked over to the revolving door and tried to push my way through the crowd, but other people kept pushing me back as they walked though. There was no way I was going to get beyond that door.  I went back over and pounded on the glass.  My grandmother looked at me, held up her finger, shook her head, and mouthed the words, “It’s not your time to go.”  Dejected, I stepped away from the glass and sat down.

The next thing I know, the alarm clock went off and I was on my way back to Texas.

I told my mother about the dream and after describing the mysterious woman in the blue dress (that my grandmother was talking to), she went to her bedroom.  After a few minutes, she returned, handed me a picture, and asked, “Is that the woman you saw?”

In the picture, was the same woman from the dream that was talking to my grandmother. She was wearing a light blue dress and her hair pulled into a tight bun.  I looked at my mother and asked, “Who is that?”

“That’s my grandmother.  Your Granny’s mother.”

Author’s Note:  It seems my dream was about my grandmother’s journey to heaven after her mother had greeted her at the gates and even though I tried to get to her, it obviously wasn’t my time to go.  To this day, thoughts of this dream gives me goosebumps, and rightly so!

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