Here We Go Again…

Sorry for interrupting the Halloween Ghost Posts, but this warrants a lookey-poo.

Did y’all see my post called, “Pea Pickin’ Town?”  If not, click here.

I don’t know if y’all heard, but Big Tex, the animated giant that resides at the State Fair of Texas and greets visitors once an hour, died.  Well, he burned up because of an electrical problem.  People are upset because this is a, “Texas icon.”  Okay, I get that.  He sparked (no pun intended) memories for many people. No problem.

Big Tex

Here he is, post burn:

Bix Tex Burned

Here is where it starts to get ridiculous.  They escorted his “body” out under a tarp.

Big Tex Tarp

Now, they are giving him a, “proper funeral.”  Not kidding.

And please read the second to last line of that article.  An Ohio resident was quoted as saying, “Maybe update his clothes a little bit?” Pope said. “He don’t need no earring in his ear, neither. He just needs to look like Big Tex.”  Great grammar, there, Ms. Ohio.  She must originally be a redneck.

Gah!!!  SPOILER ALERT:  HE’S NOT REAL, FOLKS!  Get over it.  His ass was flat and he looked like Howdy Doody dressed in cowboy gear. Quit wasting money and just rebuild him. End of rant.

2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again…

    1. GK Adams Post author

      Seriously, read the Pea PIckin’ Town post. There is no end to the Redneck Ridiculousness. It’s downright embarrassing. But, I’m glad it made you laugh.


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