Ghostly Children

The first time it happened was the morning after we moved into our house. I was awoken by a bone-chilling whisper of a child, “Mommy? Mommy?” Naturally, I got up and searched the bedrooms of our sleeping children. All fast asleep, tucked tightly into their beds beneath their covers.

Every morning thereafter, I was awoken by the same child’s whisper, like a thread across my cheek, calling my attention and tugging at my heart.  I never mentioned this to my husband. After all, what might he think? Life went on, and I wrote off that morning whisper to a constant state of fatigue that came along with raising a gaggle of children.

A few years and two babies later, I was painting upstairs when I heard a child’s footsteps running up the stairs, and screaming, “Mommy! Mommy!”

A commanding “Shh! You’ll wake your brother!” put a stop to those screams, but only for a moment before they started up again and I put down my paintbrush and went to the stairs.  There was no one there. I went downstairs to my youngest children’s bedroom, and they were both fast asleep.

Fast forward a few years later, when my oldest son came downstairs and said, “Mom, there’s a ghost in my room. It’s zipping and unzipping my soccer bag.” My husband was all over that—he ran upstairs with my son to see this phenomenon. I remained downstairs.

A few minutes later they both came downstairs fuming angrily. “Why did you call me?” my husband asked. I had no idea what he was talking about. He and my son had both heard, “Honey, come here!” from the hallway behind them, and immediately, the zipper had stopped moving and silence stepped in.

Believer? My husband wasn’t either, until he was the only one awake one night when he was studying outside the master bedroom. The basement door opened and woman came upstairs and walked into the kitchen. She had long dark hair, just like me, and she was barefoot—as I always was. He followed her into the kitchen, wondering how I got past him in the hallway. The kitchen was empty. He went back to check on me, and naturally, I was still fast asleep.

My husband finally revealed to me that he’d been woken up by a child saying, “Daddy!” in his ear for years. He confessed this before I told him about my morning visitor.

The next week my step-daughter and her friend accused me of watching them sleep at midnight. I had been fast asleep with a migraine.

The following year a man who had grown up in the house came to visit. His childhood bedroom was our daughter’s, and his mother used to watch him sleep. We tracked down this lovely ghost of a woman who seemed to be there to take care of the child. Flossie Cleo Thurston was her name, and it turned out that the three families who lived there before us had also seen her in and around the house. Always barefoot, never scared.

We lived with a woman and child ghost. For fifteen years they were ever-present. We had many events such as those noted above, and no, I wasn’t scared by them. I am, after all, a mother.

Are you a believer? If not, I’d love to hear why.


Author Melissa FosterMelissa Foster is a Community Builder for ALLi, founder of Fostering Success, World Literary Café, and The Women’s Nest, as well as a bestselling award-winning author. Follow Melissa on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or visit her on her website.

13 thoughts on “Ghostly Children

  1. ssteinwriting

    Dear Melissa,

    Wow, this was an amazing story! I have to say I am a believer, and the reason I say this is because at one of the houses my husband and I lived I remember hearing some laughter one evening. Then my husband said he had heard it also. I have to admit I used to be a skeptic
    when I was in my twenties, however over the years I have seen a few things in my day that have let me to believe, that Ghosts or their spirits do exist. Thanks for sharing your Ghostly story!

    Syl Stein

    1. Melissa Foster

      Hi Syl, thanks for stopping by to read and comment. It’s so funny how we need others to hear/see what we do for validation, isn’t it? Loved hearing your story, thank you for sharing!

  2. Micheal Rivers (@micheal_rivers)

    Over the years I have encountered dozens of child spirits. The one thing they all had in common seemed to be a need for a parent and belong to a family setting. There was no individuality as far as independence was concerned. Fortunately I have never encountered one with an ill temper. My wife was one to scoff at such things until we married, now she has seen, heard , and felt things she denied previously. Bless her heart she is now a firm believer. A current investigation we had on county property turned up a child who had been abused by her father and the spirit of the father is still on the property also. She did not hesitate to tell us she was still afraid of him. The video was magnificent to say the least along with the other evidence captured.

    1. Melissa Foster

      Micheal, that is so sad that she’s still afraid of him. I would LOVE to see the video. There was no doubt that this child wanted a family, and I’m sure Flossie stuck around just to mother the child.

  3. Micheal Rivers (@micheal_rivers)

    Due to a privacy issue involved with this case I cannot publicly distribute the evidence, however I will send you a couple of pics to your private mail and allow you to see a portion of what we caught on film. Gk send me your email address and I will send it to you. These photos cannot be forwarded to another site.

    1. GK Adams Post author

      Melissa, you’re awesome and I appreciate your being with us and sharing your post with my audience. It was great! Thanks to everyone who commented!


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