Most people have heard of Amityville Horror, a book and movie based on the supposed true paranormal events that took place in a house located in the suburbs of Long Island.  What they don’t know is that an equally horrible event occurred in the suburbs of Minnesota.

This tale of terror began when Dale and Dot Doberstein, a typical middle class couple, bought what they thought was their dream home. What they didn’t know was that their house was haunted by the ghost of a vegetarian health food fanatic who was tragically killed after being run down by a Hostess Twinkie truck while crossing the street in order to buy a wheat grass and kelp smoothie.

Twinkie Truck

Soon after the Doberstein’s moved in strange things began to happen. First their bottle of A1 Steak sauce disappeared. Then they found Kashi cereal in the pockets of all their clothes. Someone squeezed all the loaves of Wonder Bread in the middle. All their red meat vanished and in its place they found squares of tofu.

One night Dale woke up and went to get a glass of water. When he walked into the kitchen he saw a white vapor cooking stir-fried vegetables in a wok.

The final straw came when the couple heard an unearthly voice yelling at them to “GET OUT!” They later realized the voice was actually saying, “EAT SPROUTS!”

Dale and Dot moved out of their house and bought a condo in downtown Minneapolis. However, they later claimed that walking around the city after dark was more terrifying than living in a haunted house and they moved back in with the ghost.


Deb Claxton came back, y’all!
Check out her blog here:  http://www.debclaxton.com/blog.html

Deb ClaxtonDeb is a humor writer, author, and former newspaper reporter. She wrote a popular weekly humor column called, “98% Fat Free – The Lite Side.”  She received several requests to publish her humor columns and, “It Ain’t Heavy – It’s the Lite Side” was born.  Her book takes a humorous look at zombies, the Mayan calendar, movies, music, family life, holidays, and much more. Also, be on the lookout for her contribution in a new collection of humorous medical themed stories in, “My Funny Major Medical.”

You can get your very own copy at Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/0615428541

6 thoughts on “Potatogeist

  1. ssteinwriting

    oh my goodness, this was just a funny and great story! Loved it Deb Claxton, this was so hiliarious and creative wow, I would of left also if any one starting telling me to eat my sprouts and my husband would not be too happy if he’s A1 disappeared! Lol . Great one and thanks Gina Adam for this platform!

    Syl Stein


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