The Silent Ass(assin)

There is a silent assassin in my parent’s home.  The damn thing is a Ninja dressed in white. It attacks any passerby (okay, just me) without warning (like Ninja’s tend to do) and it will leave its mark on you forever (or until you take a shower).

This Ninja sits in the dining room, between the kitchen and the living room.  When you walk by, it senses your presence and attacks accordingly.  The damn thing is easily threatened. You can see it, although at times, you forget it’s there and walk in its’ line of fire like a dumb ass.  You can smell it when it attacks.  It will make you do the, “I’m being attacked by a Ninja, get it OFF of me,” dance.  It’s not pretty.

Some of you might have a Ninja in your house, maybe not. Dressed in white.  Attacking unknown visitors at a moments notice.  Maybe you don’t know if you have one.  It’s okay, but if you ever see something that looks like this…tuck and roll, fools! T-U-C-K AND R-O-L-L!

Automatic Air Freshener

Automatic Air Freshener (aka The Ninja)

7 thoughts on “The Silent Ass(assin)

    1. GK Adams Post author

      This ninja is up high, but all that means is that you get zapped in the face. Try getting that odor out of your nasal passage. You’re smelling that stuff for days! Thanks for stopping by, Diane!

  1. Vikki Claflin

    I’ve always wondered if these really worked. Apparently like a hot damn! I might have to pass on this new gadget. I foresee sending it sailing into the soccer field next door because it nailed me ONCE TOO OFTEN. Thanks for the laugh!


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