Hand Towels

… are great, handy (no pun intended) and can look rather neat when hanging on a towel holder.  If you have such a contraption, it means, “You have arrived,” especially if you are a redneck.

Here they are, hanging neatly:

Hand Towels

Now, my father is rather messy and very lazy.  He expects everyone to do everything for him. He’ll use one towel and hang it up his way:

Hand Towels

Then, much to his chagrin, he won’t use the same towel again because it’s no longer folded properly, so he uses the second towel and hangs it up his way:

Hand Towels

The same thing happens a third time:

Hand Towels

That’s the moment that I feel like I’m going to go all Sleeping with the Enemy on his ass:

Sleeping with the Enemy

7 thoughts on “Hand Towels

  1. Vikki Claflin

    Cracked me up! I actually pinned a Post-it note to the guest hand towel that said, “Kenny, DO NOT USE.” Now I just have to remember to take it down when we have guests… 🙂

    1. GK Adams Post author

      Yeah, but if you pin a post-it to the hand towel, that just gives them the okay to use it! It’s kind of like posting a sign that says, “Wet Paint.”


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