Thanksgiving Memories

There are lots of things I remember about Thanksgiving:

  • The golden turkey, with butter dripping from the legs

thanksgiving turkey

  • The fluffy stuffing, baked just enough for the edges to get nice and crispy (my favorite part)

thanksgiving stuffing

  • The day I no longer had to sit at the, “Kiddie Table.” I was 30 years old!


  • Halfway through the meal, my grandmother would jump up from the table, throw her hands in the air and shout, “The cranberries! I forgot the cranberries!” She would then dare anyone to take another bite until she came back with the cranberries.

thanksgiving cranberry sauce

  • The look on my face when my grandmother presented a dish of okra and tomatoes and I nearly gagged. She looked at me and said, “I remembered it was your favorite.” I thought she was crazy because I had never, EVER seen a dish so revolting. I looked at my mother and mouthed the words, “What the…?” My mother whispered, “Just go with it.” I closed my mouth to silence the gagging noises. I didn’t touch the stuff.
okra and tomatoes recipe

Yeah, that crap! **gag**

  • When my grandmother pulled out the glorious bowl of Nanner Puddin’ (banana pudding) and I heard the angels singing. Outlining the bowl were extra Nilla Wafers. Yes, I had died and gone to heaven.
banana pudding from the angels

Do you hear the angels singing? I do!

  • The hateful look I gave my uncle when he complained, “But I like pineapple in my Nanner Puddin’!” WTH? It makes the puddin’ runny. Nanner puddin’ shouldn’t be runny!
hawaiian pineapple

Noooooo Pineapples in the Nanner Puddin’ y’all!

  • The endless (and often annually repeated) jokes my uncles told, the same one’s where I completed the punchline before they could, but it never stopped them, causing my eyes to roll back inside my head.

cat not amused

  • The day I realized I was getting old when I was allowed to stick around for those dirty/perverted jokes.
embarrassed cat

Not Really…

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friendly reminder (because I love animals): DON’T FEED TURKEY TO YOUR CATS! I’m being serious. It can cause pancreatitis and if they survive the outcome, your wallet won’t, because it’s an expensive trip to the Veterinarian.

Oh, and don’t forget the cranberries!


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memories

  1. wendipoprockct

    Funny! I do that “I forget the cranberries” thing too! Except it’s cranberries and crescent rolls, and they’re usually burned. Fun times! Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🙂

  2. Diane Carlisle

    Doh!! I shouldn’t have looked at these photos….I’m hungry!!! That stuffing looks scrumptious…

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Emily

    Love those memories of yours…it’s what makes Thanksgiving YOUR family’s tradition. So funny about the kid’s table too…Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Cuzzin Rhonda

    It must be genetic! I love nanner puddin’ too! I agree with you that pineapple has no place in it.
    I don’t feed my cats human food at all. Too much fat, sodium and no telling what else.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. williamkendall1

    Very funny memories!

    For me the eye rolling at a family gathering wouldn’t be an uncle telling the same joke (though my dad has that tendency)… it would have to be any time my idiot ex-brother-in-law opened his mouth to blather on about his latest opinion of the world.

    Fortunately I never have to see him again, which pleases me immensely….


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