Hey Everyone…

I’ve moved my blog to a new home and I’ve made this change for a few reasons:

1) The free version of WordPress that I was using (the page you are seeing here), didn’t allow for Plug-in’s, which makes life a little easier in the blogging world;

2) Because of all my readers (thank you very much), I’m growing at a very quick pace and needed more space;

3) I wanted the ability to be able to advertise (i.e. businesses, bloggers, etc.)

Thus the move. This will be the last time I move. I promise.

You are more than welcome to go to my new site at:

Nothing has changed and the format basically looks the same. It just looks different to me behind the scenes.

I was able to migrate all of my old posts over to the new blog, so you are able to view the archives without interruption.

However, I was not able to migrate subscribers/followers to the new blog. I’ve since opened a ticket with WordPress to see that this happens.  If you’d like to migrate yourself (please do) before WordPress gets around to doing this, just click on the link that I provided above and enter in your email address on the top right portion of the page. Easy peasy!

If you have any questions or want me to send you an invitation to the new blog, just leave your email address in the comments below and I’ll make sure to get that over to you!


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