Book Giveaway and Author Interview with Zrinka Jelic

Hello Readers!

Today, Zrinka Jelic is back to do an author interview and giveaway a copy of her book, “Bonded by Crimson.”  (see bottom of post for details)

Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. What was the central idea that got you started on writing Bonded by Crimson?

It was a love legend from Croatia about Miljenko & Dobrila whose love was forbidden and ended tragically for both of them. I often wondered what their lives would be like if they were allowed to love each other. From there an idea sparked and after many revisions and rewrites the novel was born.

2.  What genre would you characterize you book?

It’s defiantly a paranormal romance. But it also differs from the genre somewhat. As one of the reviewers said, “it’s not just about love and romance, it has suspense and action, it takes us on an all-expenses paid trip to Croatia and every woman could find herself in the heroine, Kate.”

3.  How did you get interested in this particular genre?

I always liked paranormal (vampires especially) and after reading quite a number of books, I’ve decided to try my hand at it. I wasn’t aiming for a romance at first, but as the book progressed I realized it.

4.  What is a typical working day like for you?  When and where do you write?  Do you set a daily writing goal?

I do most of my writing in the evenings when everyone is fed and the kitchen is cleaned. I write on the couch in the living room, put my headphones on to block all other noises and if there are no other interruptions, I write.  I don’t have daily goal set. With two kids and a hubby, I consider myself lucky to get at least a few words in.

5.  What is the hardest part of writing for you?

I’d say the hardest part is the middle of the book. I’ve read many books that started out perfect, grabbed my attention, created tension, then a few chapters i,n the plot dragged on and on.  There was no point to the scenes and I’ve read one editor’s blog post in which she says the worst thing that could happen is the reader will close your book and ask “So what?” There has to be a purpose for every scene and for everything your character is noticing. Otherwise the lines an author wrote are just fillers.

6.  Do you have any favorite authors or favorite books?

Quite a few and just to name some: C. S. Lewis, Dr. Seuss, Tolkien, Jack Vance, Dan Simons, Arturo Perez Reverte ….

7.  Since writing is a creative endeavor (different for every author) and assuming you’ve experienced, “writer’s block,” do you have ways of getting your creative juices flowing again?

Well, I’ve heard of writer’s block, but luckily so far I haven’t experienced it, (unless I count my two boys in who constantly want something) or if I had, it was short lived. If I’m stuck and can’t find the proper word I’ll use something plain just to get over the hiccup.  Then later I’ll change it for something better as my creative juices start to flow. Most of my inspiration comes from music or other books, or sometimes even from reading anything, a blog, or an article or bus advertisement.

8.  If you could meet one of your characters, who would it be and why?

I’d love to meet all of them, even the villains. And sometimes I think I do. For instance, I was driving behind a black Audi Quattro with one of those vanity plates indicating the owner of the vehicle is a doctor, it was a combination of letters and numbers but it contained MD, and in “Bonded by Crimson” the hero is driving exact same car and he is a doctor. I had to pass him to have a good look at the driver, and lo and behold, he resembled Matthias. Young looking, black hair, pale-ish complexion, though I didn’t get to see the colour of his eyes, they were framed by dark, thick eyebrows, kind of eyes one must look into.

9.  Can you give the readers a peak into your next project?

My next project is titled “Love Remains” and it’s another paranormal romance. Revolves around a career oriented woman, who projects an image of tough and unbreakable corporate ladder climber and she’ll do anything for the next promotion. But deep down, she longs for a husband and family, not that she’d ever admit it to anyone, least herself. Imagine her surprise when she returns from a business trip and there’s a hunk cooking a dinner for her in her house and two kids. He calls her honey and kids call her mommy.

Also, my second novel “Treasured Chest” a pirate’s romance is scheduled for a release end of November. Just in time for your Christmas shopping.

Thank you for hosting my on your blog.


I’d like to thank Zrinka for stopping by today and taking the time to answer these questions.

You can find Zrinka’s novel at Amazon:

Her Blog is located here:

Today, Zrinka will be giving away a digital copy of, “Bonded by Crimson,” to those who leave a comment on this post.  The format of the book will be your choice of Kindle or PDF.  All you need to do is specify which one you’d like in your comment and provide a method of contacting you.  I’ll let Zrinka choose the winner, so be creative with your comments!

2 thoughts on “Book Giveaway and Author Interview with Zrinka Jelic

  1. Maria Cristina Pimentel

    I am a bit interested in ur book. It was actually a dream of mine to write books in the future..I do loved paranormal think. I will probably liked to read ur future books. More power.


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