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Somebody’s Got To Do It

Did everyone survive Thanksgiving? How about Black Friday?

My cat, Jasper, is trying to recover:

Jasper Cat upside down

That’s how he rolls (on his back)

He’s a glutton like that! He didn’t have any turkey, because it’s bad for him, but he called me into a meeting this morning. He said that I wasn’t representing the hard lives of the cat population in a proper manner. So here it is, the hard life of a cat. I’m representin’ now, Jasper!

It must be hard to lie upside down in a bed all day long, have your food brought to you, and get loved on constantly. But I guess he has a point, because there is blonde dog hair (thank you Moose and Jacob) that he has to lay upon. I’m sure he’ll be filing a complaint with upper management after the holidays. Little does he know, I’m upper management!

Then again, the cat is always upper-management, which just makes me human resources!

“I Run This House,” said the Cat

I wish I had a photograph to document what I’m about to tell you, but when this happened, I was awoken at midnight because of the commotion and finding a camera in the dark was not an option.

Anyway, my cat Jasper (see pic here) was apparently pissed off and cornered my two yellow labrador retrievers, Moose and Jake.  Why was Jasper pissed?  Who knows.  Maybe the dogs were breathing, as such things do tend to happen when one is a living, breathing thing.

Now, Jasper is not a small cat by any means, but he is just a cat and when compared to two dogs who are close to 100lbs, he’s considered tiny.  His ego and confidence are not, however, and like I said, he had these two idiots cornered.

Both dogs were huddled against the wall, faces pointed upward, and I swear, I haven’t seen two dogs blink that much and that fast…EVER.  Jasper was standing in front of them like a Drill Sergeant and I could almost hear the following conversation:

Jasper:  I own you bitches!

Dogs (in unison):  Sir, yes, Sir.  Whatever you say, Sir.

Jasper:  And don’t you forget it!

Dogs:  (looking up and still blinking)

That was it.  After the “conversation,” Jasper walked away cockily (flicking his tail) while the two dogs climbed back in bed.