Query Letter to Agents

Dear Mr/Mrs [Agent Name],

I am pleased to submit a [synopsis, outline, and X sample chapters] of my original novel, entitled Wherever You Go. My previous relevant experience includes completion of a master’s degree in English Literature and Writing from Union Institute & University, and a successfully published article called Wyatt Earp and the Gunfight at the OK Corral, published by Tell Me a Story, an online narrative history journal at Lourdes University, in 2006.

Wherever You Go tells the riveting story of firefighter Nick Monroe, who is used to taking terrifying risks to save lives, but when he and his bride, Angelica, are involved in a car accident on their wedding day, that risk hits much closer to home. As he fights to remove Angelica from the burning car, he sees that her legs are trapped under the dashboard and despite her plea to save his own life; he gets back behind the wheel to protect her body with his.

As Angelica lies in a medically-induced coma due to severe head trauma, her family learns that she is pregnant. While Nick is recovering in the hospital, he is visited by Angelica’s deceased mother who tells him that he must now make the ultimate sacrifice to save his unborn child.  Nick is torn. If he chooses to live, despite their initial difficulty in her getting pregnant, surely he and Angelica can try to have more children and he can keep his promise to her: wherever you go, I go. But if he chooses to leave, his child will surely survive. Can he sacrifice an innocent baby’s chance at life to extend his? Or will he save Angelica the pain and heartache of losing a child, especially when everyone she’s ever loved has either hurt her, left her, or has been taken away from her.

Wherever You Go is an everlasting love story that transcends beyond life on earth and contains many elements of discovery, intrigue, and love. I believe this novel will be an excellent fit for your firm.

I would greatly appreciate your prompt reply in regard to any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you for your consideration.


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